Author: Paul Blaufuss

Who Is the Greatest Driver of All Time?

Story by Paul Blaufuss. Photo courtesy Good Old Valves. The party is about over. Here I am, sitting in my comfy chair. In a state of a ‘too much turkey – tryptophan induced’ semi coma. Most of our guests are in a similar state and headed home.  Also I am regretting that second Manhattan. I am tired and ready for bed.  But we are still not done talking racing. One of the remaining tweenies at the party hit me with the ultimate poser:  “Mr. Paul….who was the greatest driver of all time?”  Not so simple of a question. As...

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Labor Day Motorsports Opinions

Story by Paul Blaufuss. Photo courtesy I’m having one of those senior opinionated kind of days: What a wonderful racing weekend this past Labor Day was! There truly was something for everybody. The retro theme done at Darlington each Labor Day weekend recently is a fantastic idea, and what racing in all series needs more of…. Fun! What a fun and unique way to keep the history of the sport alive for the future generations of race fans. It’s nice to see the sponsors look beyond their self interests, and allow retro sponsors and paint jobs on the...

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For What It’s Worth: Future NASCAR Attendance

By Paul Blaufuss As you may know, I work in the high stakes glamor world of… insurance. Not very exciting most days but it has kept me gainfully employed- and hey- it’s a living. Now and again I have days that are more interesting than most. Such a day was last Thursday. To maintain the coveted insurance license in the great state of North Carolina, one must attend twelve hours of state approved continuing education per year. Most times said courses are mindnumbingtedious and hopelessly dull. The courses typically deal with sleep inducing topics such as primacy of insurance...

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Watkins Glen and IMSA Friendships

By Paul Blaufuss I grew up in upstate New York. I moved to Charlotte, NC twenty years ago, as hard as that is to believe. The time has gone by like laps at Martinsville. And now I almost hate to get calls from my home town, as they generally do not deliver good news. Recent events were no exception. My buddy Dave called one day. He said Joey is really sick. Joey is the kind of guy you meet one time and immediately want and hope to have as a friend for life. I met Joey the first time...

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Kenseth, Logano, and Racing Playoffs

By Paul Blaufuss When I was a kid I was crazy about pro wrestling. I watched very week on television and went to every match in person when the circus came through town. I vividly recall a match when Rowdy Roddy Piper wrestled Hulk Hogan. My friends and I made kilts out of cheap plaid tablecloths to wear to the match downtown. The funny part was that this match took place in January. In Buffalo. It was cold. Over time it became obvious that wrestling was scripted ‘sports entertainment’ as opposed to a true sport, and later the wrestling...

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