Author: Paul Blaufuss

NHRA Continues to Engage Fans

By Paul Blaufuss The sun shined brightly through the blinds that Saturday morning a few weeks ago, and I was hopeful that was a sign of a great day to come. I was looking forward to that day for quite awhile, as I was taking my nine-year-old little Princess B to her first NHRA drag race. She has been to races already; Legends cars, NASCAR qualifying, late models, Truck races and so on. I waited a few years on drag racing though until she was a little older. Over the years I have witnessed many little kids leaving the...

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Racing History Versus Racing Future

Story by Paul Blaufuss Photo Credit GOH CHAI HIN/AFP/ Getty Images Mid 1970’s. Upstate New York. Glorious orange, red, and yellow fall foliage framing familiar powder blue guardrails. Sleepy eyed and anxious. Finally the words all had waited for: “ The track is open for practice.” A March and other various cars on track. Then the moment all came for. A Bat-black-mobile blur. Silver helmet. Mario. Sidepods as one with the tarmac. First lap by at speed, barely lifting. Orange racing gloves effortlessly flicking left and right in the esses, heads snapping in the wake. Ground effects, it was...

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Saddened Fan Dislikes Indycar Direction

By Paul Blaufuss I was going to write a nice soft, puffy little piece for my column this week; something about the old days of racing; old cars and old friends and ghosts of racing’s past vs racing present and blah blah blah, or something like that. But I just can’t do it this week. Not now, and probably not for awhile. The racing world changed for me last week. I am angry. No… more than angry. Pissed off, upset, disappointed, anguished and numb. Those words are all insufficient. I am not sure I can find the words to...

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