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Where Will Fernando Alonso Race in 2018?

Story and photo by Patrick Reynolds The checkers have been waved at Indianapolis. The milk and champagne bottles are empty. The photos were taken. Indycar’s season has moved on. Formula 1 left Monaco, moved onto Canada and back across the Atlantic. Open wheel racing...

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Carolina Speedway Makes Friends Out Of Strangers

Story and photo by Patrick Reynolds “My dad never did anything with me. I’m trying to make up for it, I guess.” Tony Armour spoke these words as he watched his son Justin scrape red clay from their family-owned four-cylinder stock car in the pit area at Carolina...

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Speedway Report Wins Five AARWBA Media Awards

INDIANAPOLIS- Speedway Report with Patrick Reynolds was awarded five honors for Online Media during the annual contest held by the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association. “Alexis DeJoria Is a Serious NHRA Racer and a Whole Lot More” won first place...

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the Future of Auto Racing

Story by Paul Blaufuss. Photo by Jeff Siner. I heard the words that NASCAR has feared the most: “Dale Jr. announces his retirement.” I have many mixed emotions and thoughts: On one hand, first and foremost, best wishes to Dale and for being so secure in making this...

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A Cranky Curmudgeon Mulls Over the 2017 Racing Year

Story by Paul Blaufuss. Photo courtesy Formula 1. The Formula One season appears to be shaping up to be as, ahem, ‘competitive’ as ever. The championship will be between two drivers; Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. But for a series to be basically decided this...

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The North Turn Teaches Daytona Beach Course History

Story by Paul Blaufuss Racing has always been my one true love (right after my lovely Queen B and Princess B of course!) Racing is here again. The winter cold is waning, ice is melting, and birds are returning. The crepe myrtles are blooming pink white and lavender....

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