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The Why and Why Nots of Sports Cars

Story by Steve Zongker Yes, I know it’s been quite a long time since this columnist has appeared. Some of that has been due to professional and personal issues, but here I am back with another opinion piece from the sofa. I was reading an article on a popular sports...

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Remembering Ted Christopher

Story by Patrick Reynolds; photo courtesy Joe Pelham Short track great Ted Christopher lost his life earlier today- not on a race track but from an aircraft crash. I saw Christopher race many times while living in the Northeast. I was mad at him over the years while...

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Drivers to Spice Up the 2018 Daytona 500

By Patrick Reynolds The 2018 NASCAR Cup season will bring a crash to the changing-of-the-guard wave that has been forming. NASCAR has lost several big names from behind the wheel in the past few years. Since the end of the 2015 season Greg Biffle, Jeff Gordon, Tony...

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Where Will Fernando Alonso Race in 2018?

Story and photo by Patrick Reynolds The checkers have been waved at Indianapolis. The milk and champagne bottles are empty. The photos were taken. Indycar’s season has moved on. Formula 1 left Monaco, moved onto Canada and back across the Atlantic. Open wheel racing...

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Carolina Speedway Makes Friends Out Of Strangers

Story and photo by Patrick Reynolds “My dad never did anything with me. I’m trying to make up for it, I guess.” Tony Armour spoke these words as he watched his son Justin scrape red clay from their family-owned four-cylinder stock car in the pit area at Carolina...

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