Story by Rhonda Beck. Photo by Steve Moore. 

Adam Yarbrough Nabs First Super Late Model Victory with the Carolina Clash

The month has been full of a lot of exciting dirt racing in the Southeast with some Carolina and other local drivers getting memorable wins. One highlight was on April 23, 2022 at Travelers Rest Speedway in the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series where Denver, NC’s Adam Yarbrough collected his first career super late model win. The victory also put him in first place in the Carolina Clash points standings ahead of Dennis ‘Rambo’ Franklin and John Price. Yarbrough shared a few thoughts on the victory, his career, and future goals.

Rhonda Beck: Congratulations on your first super late model win. Have you been to Travelers Rest before and is there anything you like about the track?

Adam Yarbrough: It was awesome, no doubt. I’ve never run a late model car there. I’ve only run a super stock car there and that’s probably been twelve years ago. But I do like the racetrack. It was pretty racy; it was a nice little racetrack to go to.

RB: In 2018 you won the Rookie of the Year for the Carolina Clash Series. What had been the closest you had been to having a super win before?

AY: You know, it’s so tough. My best finish was probably a third. I finished third last year at Gaffney. And I went to Lavonia Friday night and was actually running third there but fell back to fourth. I’ve had some top fives, not a lot, but I think I’ve finally found something that’s actually pretty good.

RB: I recently chatted with Marion Limbaugh of the Carolina Clash about some of the top competitors. Are you planning on following the whole Carolina Clash Series this year?

AY: Definitely. Marion is such a great guy and all of his officials are great. Mark Huey, the announcer, is just unbeatable. They’re just awesome people. And yes, ma’am, my intentions are to run strictly the Clash schedule.

RB: You’re in the Denver (NC) area, correct?

AY: Yes ma’am. My mom and dad, we actually have a little automotive shop. And me and my dad work there and my mom sells real estate. She mostly works with us, but yes, it’s a family affair, no doubt.

RB: The video was touching as far as your victory lane moment. Can you talk about that and the Huey family and Matt Huey being there for that after his injury?

AY: Yeah, it was kind of cool. It was just me and daddy this weekend and that’s about all it is, just me and my dad. I owe it all to him. And with Matt being there. I done my car like his at Lancaster; it was the first Clash race. It was so terrible what happened to him. And it was cool for him the first race to come back to–and I wound up winning it.

RB: As far as your competitors, are there any that you’ve learned from over the years? Like in the race Kenny Collins was second and Ross Bailes was third. I remember some of those guys in their crate late models getting started and now racing supers.

AY: Yeah, I raced crate late models with them. It’s funny. I’ve raced a long time, and I used to race with them boys all the time. And they had to deal with me a lot in crate racing. The super thing kinda threw me a loop. The closest one I’m probably with is Ross. His dad helps me a little bit and I talk to Ross probably about four to five times a week. But Kenny’s an awesome guy. Me and him raced very hard this weekend at both racetracks. But probably the one I’ve learned the most from, more or less helping me, is Ross.

RB: As far as the super, this year Carolina Speedway will be holding the 50th Anniversary of the Shrine 100. Will you be racing there, and do you have anything to say about that or any pioneers that you enjoyed watching?

AY: Well, my dad raced at Carolina way back and we always went to the Shrine race. When you got people like Mike Duvall that won it and Billy Scott won it– I would love to win the Shrine race just to have my name up there with the people who’ve won it. And it’s for a really great cause.

RB: Anything to say about the fans and drivers signing autographs and perhaps a special autograph session they are planning to have there?

AY: Yeah, that would be awesome. If it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be racing. There would be no racetracks.

RB: Do you have plans to do any other super races like going to the Colossal 100 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte or Eldora Speedway?

AY: It’s probably too early to tell. I need to keep running the Clash races, trying to get better. Trying to stay kinda how I run last week. I may go to Charlotte, run the Colossal. But Eldora, probably will be next year, a 100%. I really, really want to run there.  I run Bristol twice and last year I run eighth up there, which was a really good run for me. But Eldora–definitely next year, I’m gonna go to Eldora.

RB: And would one of your main goals be to win a Carolina Clash championship? Or what would be your five-year plan?

AY: Definitely this year my goal is either to win the championship or run second. You know Rambo’s gonna be tough. I think he’s gonna run it. Mike Huey’s gonna run it. But I think my goal would be to place first or second in the Clash points. And if it all works out, and the way Marion Limbaugh is and Mark Huey, I’ll probably run the Clash again next year.

RB: And anything to say about some of the challenges, like the tire issues everyone is talking about?

AY: Yeah, you probably don’t want to get me started on that. The tire situation is pathetic. The way they’re charging us for tires now is just unreal. That’s why I’m not really going to venture off far from the Clash. Tires used to cost me $150; now they’re $245. And gas is $13 a gallon where I could get it for $7 to $8 a gallon. Just the economical part is terrible.

RB: Yes, it’s definitely why individuals need to pick and choose what’s best for them. And for people to keep supporting their local racetracks.

AY: Oh yeah. 100 percent.

Planning for the 50th Annual Shrine 100 at Carolina Speedway Is Underway

This summer Carolina Speedway in Gastonia, NC will host the 50th Annual Shrine 100 on August 12, 2022. Dennis Stines and Kevin Michael Nunn of the Gaston County Shrine Club are hoping this will be a very special event.  Along with Duane Goins, former Shrine 100 winners, former Shrine 100 Kings and Queens and other promoters, businesses and media, many are working to create a fun time for fans pre-race and during the race.

“We’ve got the super 50/50 raffle going for the Shrine 100. We’re going to run the tickets until August the 12th and some lucky fan or buyer will get half the money,” said Dennis Stines, a long-time Shrine Club Member and coordinator for the event. “Planning for the Shrine race is underway and we’re going to make it the biggest ever.”

Kevin Michael Nunn is working closely with Stines to get the word out about the race.

“This is my first year. I’m going to try to help out and learn as much as I can about carrying on the tradition. We’re going to try to get as many people as we can to blow this thing up as big as we can get it,” said Nunn.

Different past winners such as Billy Scott, of Union, SC, who won the first race in 1973, are set to attend. Long-time Gaston County residents, Jeff Smith and his father Freddy Smith have both won the race numerous times.

“We always try to support the Shriners ‘cause it’s such a good cause for the kids. And I’m fortunate–I’ve got multiple wins and our names on the list. It would be nice to add another one to it this year for the 50th anniversary,” said Jeff Smith.

An autograph session for fans and as well as other activities are being planned.

“We’re possibly going to have a past Shrine patient, which is Troy Brady, and he is possibly going to have his dirt late model car there with his little crutches propped up against the side like we did several years ago,” said Stines.

Stines said they are also working to have some musical performers and other surprise guests.

“We don’t have anything finalized yet, but we are working hard to try to draw some celebrity personalities in for the event. As far as we know we’ve got John Carter of WBTV on board. Standard Distributors have sponsored this thing for all 50 years and we’re going to try to recognize them real big for this event this year,” said Stines.

In the meantime, people can get tickets at various places around Gaston County. Stines will update that information as it changes.

“I’ll have it on my (Facebook) page. I’ll have a location list to pre-sell race tickets and also the 50/50 tickets,” said Stines.

A current list of businesses to see for Shrine 100 pre-race ticket sales include: Front End Shop, 929 Harper Road, Gastonia, NC; Stanley Truck and Auto, 300 South Main Street, Stanley, NC; Fatbacks Tire & Auto, 814 Lower Dallas Hwy, Dallas, NC; Franklin Signs and Graphics, 105 S. Henderson St., Lowell, NC; Goodtime Charlie’s, 1607 S. York Road, Gastonia, NC; Crisp Printers, 2022 East Ozark, Gastonia, NC

Former Carolina Clash Champion Jeff Smith Starts Racing Season

Jeff Smith of Dallas, NC was in his race shop at J & J Racecars this week working on things from the previous couple of weeks after racing his super late model in Florida with the XR Racing Series and running with the Carolina Clash. He finished 15th the second night in the XR series and had a top-five run with the Clash at Fayetteville, NC.

“We’ve run three races this year. We got a late start to the season and the first night we had some new car issues and had to pull out of the race. The next night we followed up with a good fourth place finish and went to Florida to run All-Tech Raceway with the XR Series. First night we crashed out in qualifying and then the next night we got the car repaired and made the show through a heat and had a decent showing with the crowd that was down there,” said Smith.

Smith has racing planned for next month as well as work being done to prepare for his grandfather’s special event, The Grassy Smith Memorial, on June 16, 2022 at Cherokee Speedway.

“We’re doing a type of, I guess you’d call it a show car, a throwback of one of dad’s cars. One of my sponsors is Bobby Etters and he’s one that’s pushing that project and is behind it to do something a little cool for dad,” said Smith.

The Smiths will also be on hand for the 50th Anniversary of the Shrine 100 at Carolina Speedway on August 12, 2022. Freddy Smith won the race in 1980, ’81, ’84, ’88 and ’95 while his son, Jeff, won it in 1996, ’98, and ’06.

Smith first plans to be on track competing in the XR Super Series in the Colossal 100 May 11-14, 2022 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

“We’re looking forward to it. I haven’t raced at Charlotte in several years, so it’ll be cool to get back over there and try to run all four nights,” said Smith.

As far as other top finishers in the recent XR Super Series event at All-Tech Raceway in Florida, night one was won by Tim McCreadie and night two by Jonathan ‘Superman’ Davenport. Mooresville’s Kyle Strickler had strong second place runs both nights and an exciting battle with Brandon Overton on Saturday. Gaffney, SC’s Chris Madden, the $100,000 series winner earlier in April at the Bristol Nationals, finished 8th on Friday and 6th on Saturday. Mount Holly, NC’s Chris Ferguson got 13th and 7th place finishes while Michael Brown was 24th on Friday.

Mid-East Mania at Carolina Speedway; Mitchell Duvall and Local Drivers Score Wins

A couple of nights of racing at Carolina Speedway April 15-16, 2022 featured large fields in various classes from the Street Stocks to Modifieds to Late Models. Friday’s winners included: Mid-East 602 Late Models: Daniel Parker; Mid-East Pro 4: Casey Towel; Mid-East Modifieds: Stephen Pedulla; and Pure Stock: Grayson Sutton

On Saturday, Gaffney, SC’s Mitchell Duvall brought his Street Stock to the track and went on to claim the pole and later the victory. Prior to the race he talked about the start to his season.

“I got me a ride with Reid Thomas. Just driving his car ‘cause I can’t do it by myself anymore. He’s got about three or four that helps him. We come up here. I like Carolina. It’s a driver’s track,” said Duvall.

Duvall said he may follow the Mid-East series and felt that the competition was good.

“Well, it just depends on how we do. We did good the first two points races. There’s nine of them. If we continue to do good, we’ll follow it; if not we’ll just stay local,” said Duvall. “If you beat these guys–these are the best street stock drivers around. So the competition’s good. Look forward to it.”

Later this season, Duvall may return to Carolina for the 50th Anniversary of the Shrine 100, a race that is special to his family.

“If they run Street Stocks, I will. My dad (Mike Duvall) won it eight times and that race means a lot to us,” said Duvall.

Duvall currently leads the Mid-East Street Stocks series points heading into the Triple Crown on April 30, 2022 at Fayetteville.

A few other drivers commented on their seasons and running the Mid-East show while at Carolina. Bryan Mullis has consistently been a top-five finisher in the 604 Late Models. He finished third in Saturday’s race.

“So the Mid-East has a good series going. They’ve got 602’s and 604’s which we have both of them. I’s a cool event. You have a chance of winning a bunch of money if you can win multiple classes. We ran our 602 last night. We had some carburetor issues all night. Qualified ninth–was lucky enough to finish third with what we had. We had a really good racecar. Just engine issues. We’ll get that worked out. We practiced the 604 on Thursday and we had a lot of speed which we’ve been looking for a lot of speed out of this car. Hopefully we’ll carry that into tonight and try to get us a win.”

Mullis said the competition in the crate late models has picked up the past few years and he has raced against some of the best, including Jeremy Steele and John Ruggiero, Jr.

“The 604 class has gotten so tough in the past few years. Everybody’s on their A-game. Everybody’s doing a lot more traveling. Jeremy, he’s a heck of a wheelman. John–they have been on fire since about the end of last year. So those two, whenever you see them roll in you know you’re going to have to outrun them. Kinda used to be me that way about ‘18, ‘19. Like I said, we got this new car and it’s just kind of threw us for a curve, so we fight at it every week. So yeah, everybody in the 604 class. We race hard. We have fun. Everybody’s your friend until you get on the racetrack. But after it we all have a great time and that’s what we’re here for,” said Mullis.

Mullis has found success in the past at Carolina Speedway.

“Carolina’s always been good to me. We’ve won a bunch of races here. Actually, had a Shrine 100 win in the Pure Stock Fours. That was a pretty big deal. Back then you had 20, 30 four cylinders that you had to race against. But it drives like the same old Carolina no matter what they change to the racetrack. That’s why we came Thursday to try to get my senses back on how to get around here. It really helped coming Thursday, into last night. Even though we had the issues, we still had a really good racecar. It’s just fun to be back close to home.”

Mullis, like a lot of other drivers, is aware of the challenges to maintain a race team, especially this year with tire issues.

“It’s tough because it’s just me and my parents. And I’ve got a buddy that helps me here and there. Might buy a tire or two. I mean, tires, everything’s going up. It’s getting outrageous. Me my dad and my mom, we work full-time jobs and put what we have into it. We can always look for more help if anybody wanted to help us. But with that, tires and the tire shortage and the price of tires. If we make it past July, we’re gonna be doing good. That’s kind of what everybody’s hearing, saying, towards July things will slow down because of the tire situation. But I guess that’s just one thing we’ll have to wait and see,” said Mullis.

Benji Hicks, of Mount Airy, NC, finished second in Saturday’s 604 Late Model race and was at Carolina with his grandfather Arvil Stanley. He is racing in the Mid-East Series.

“The first Mid-East race for the tour deal was at Friendship Speedway, a home track of ours. And we’re actually building our own chasses. That was the first race with a crate motor in it. We ended up running second after setting quick time. Kind of fell on our nose there at the start of the feature. Let Dillon Brown get out front of us and then Jeremy got by us and then we got back by Dillon in lapped traffic there. But looking forward to tonight,” said Hicks.

Hicks has run at Carolina Speedway a couple of times in the past.

“I’ve actually only ran here once in a crate car. We’ve ran here probably four or five times in a super car. We’ve actually run more in a super here than we have in a crate car,” said Hicks.

Hicks has a specific mentor and racing hero.

“My dad—Tony Hicks. My dad. In racing, he’s my idol. I look up to him and he’s helped me achieve all my dreams and accomplishments. Without him or my mom I couldn’t do any of this,” said Hicks.

Another driver who has raced Carolina a lot over the years is Brandon White of Stanley, NC.

“We ain’t run with the Mid-East guys. So this is the first time we’ve run with them and really it’s about the second time we’ve had the street stock out this year. We really hadn’t had any success with it yet. We’re struggling a little but we’re trying,” said White who might consider racing with the series on a regular basis.

“We’re just gonna see where we stack up tonight and kinda make our decision off that,” said White.

White has raced over the years at Carolina and plans to be there in August for the Shrine 100.

“It’s a fun little track. And we always try to run the Shrine race. We enjoy running that.”

White has a pioneer he admires who is also a past Shrine 100 winner.

“Doug Sanders, because I just growed up around him and watching him. And right down the road,” said White.

Saturday’s winners at Carolina included: Mid-East 604 Late Models: Dale Moore; Mid-East Thunder Bombers: Benji Knight; Mini Late Models: Josh Hodge; Mid-East Street Stocks: Mitchell Duvall; SEHA Hornets: Jonathan Sarratt.

Josh Hellams On Mid-East Racing Series at Carolina and the Upcoming Colossal 100 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte

Mid-East Racing Series Josh Hellams was at Carolina Speedway April 15-16, 2022 for the Mid-East Mania weekend. He shared some information on the weekend plus the series and its part in the Colossal 100 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte May

RB: As far as being at Carolina and the number of racers that are here. Are you pleased with that?

JH: Yeah, we had right at 60 cars last night, for four divisions so that was pretty good. Had a full field of the modifieds. Everything else was pretty good car counts and everything. Tonight I think we’ll be full fields in most of our classes. The Street Stock race is going to be something to highlight. For the first time in four, five years, Mitchell Duvall is returning to the Carolina Speedway. And he’ll be racing against Andy Stewart and Calob McLaughlin and some of the other talent from the area so that should be a good race.

RB: I saw some of them do really well over at Cherokee Speedway and for some people this is their home track, like Patrick Lyon.

JH: Patrick Lyon, he’s from Gastonia and he actually won the $10,000 Street Stock race here last year. So he’ll definitely be one to look at as well as a lot of other drivers that follow our series. They’re pretty good as well.

RB: And your 602 and 604 Late Models, some are doubling up in that as well. Good money as far as winning all that.

JH: Yeah, we put up the three division challenge for $25,000 and the $50,000 bonus. I know some drivers brought their 604’s and their 602’s. I think there’s about five or six pulling double duty and a couple pulling triple duty and we had one that was going for all four.

RB: And the top 604, I know you have like Jeremy Steele leading the points so far this year.

JH: Well, Jeremy Steele and Benji Hicks will be in a 604. ‘Cheeseburger’ Bryan Mullis. Layton Sullivan’s here as well. So there’s definitely no shortage of talent in the 604 class.

RB: This series is great for a lot of regional drivers and crate late model drivers. They work around here and they’re happy to have these series.

JH: Yeah, a lot of people focus on the super late model stuff, but ever since the series inception, several years ago, we’ve really been focusing on the grassroots guys. We actually launched our own TV. company—Mid-East.TV—for our own pay-per-view stuff just to put the focus around the grassroots area. You have all these bigger companies that do a ton of races a year but we’re primarily trying to take care of our local guys. Try to put them in the spotlight and generate a little more revenue to pay them a little more money.

RB: I used to go to races like when they had the NDRA series and went up to the Dirt Track at Charlotte. And now you’ll be there as well?

JH: Yes, we’re actually doing a show with the XR Super Series. They just had a big Bristol Dirt Nationals—two weeks of that. We were invited. Our 602s and our 604s will be a part of the Colossal 100 and that will be at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. And that is the first time that event is back since the early 2000’s. So that should be a good event for us too this year.

RB: And they will run the big 50th Anniversary Shrine 100 at Carolina on August 12, 2022. Any talk about joining that?

JH: We have a good relationship with the promoters here but we kind of like to come in and put our own show together, per-se. We bring a little something different. It works for them; it works for us. You know, Lancaster Speedway, Shannon Munn’s the co-promoter here along with Bruce. I know they started adding some of the 604 late model races to their calendar that they’re running by our sanctioning. 604 racing has hurt around here for the last five to eight years. It just hasn’t been what it used to be. So just trying to get that kicked back off and hopefully we can put on some good 604 races.

Marlar Wins Kyle Larson’s FloRacing at Volunteer Speedway; Carson Ferguson Gets First Super Late Model Win

Winfield, TN’s Mike Marlar won the inaugural Kyle Larson’s FloRacing event on April 14, 2022 at Volunteer Speedway in Bull’s Gap, TN. Tennessee drivers swept the podium with Jimmy Owens coming across the line in second and Scott Bloomquist finishing third.

Ross Bailes, of Clover, SC, had a strong heat race finishing second to eventual feature winner Mike Marlar. He brought it home seventh in the main event at Volunteer Speedway on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

Concord, NC’s Carson Ferguson continued his strong start to the season picking up a couple of third place finishes in the Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals series and then his first super late model win on April 23, 2022 at Crossville Speedway. He currently leads the Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals points standings over Payton Freeman and Cla Knight.

Zack Mitchell Has Strong Runs with Ultimate and Carolina Clash Series; Johnny Pursley Back in Victory Lane

The Ultimate Racing Series saw Enoree, SC’s Zack Mitchell winning both at Carolina Speedway on April 8th and Lake View Speedway on April 9th to sweep the weekend.

“We just had a real balanced racecar this past week or two,” Mitchell said. “Ben’s a heck of a race car driver but I knew if I just kept it along the bottom and didn’t let it push or anything, I figured I’d be good.”

Mitchell then raced at Wytheville and was back in Victory Lane on April 23, 2022 with a dominating run with the Carolina Clash at Lavonia Speedway for the “Buck Simmons Memorial.”

Clover SC’s Johnny Pursley found victory lane at Fayetteville on April 16, 2022. Earlier in the year he had run the crate at Cherokee Speedway and said he was working on a super to race later this year. Pursley and his father John are also two previous winners and one of the two father-son duos who have won the Shrine 100 at Carolina Speedway.

Dustin Mitchell Wins, Leads Steel Block Bandits Series

The Steel Block Bandits is another regional series with lots of heavy hitters, both veterans and younger drivers participating across the Southeast. Dustin Mitchell has won twice already this season and leads the points standings. Cameron Weaver of Crossville, TN won the third series race at Smoky Mountain Speedway. Derrick Rankin currently leads the Rookie standings. The series will race May 20-21, 2022 at Carolina Speedway and Friendship Speedway.

Mitchell also has raced in other series and finished third in the Carolina Clash race at Fayetteville on April 16, 2022.

Stanley, NC’s Jay Sessoms finished seventh at Sumter and is seventh in the points standings for the Steel Block Bandits series. Last month at Cherokee Speedway Sessoms said that he plans on following the series.

“We’re doing the Steel Block Bandits deal this year, trying to run some of that; have become real good friends with Tony Wilson. He wants me to run some of the super stuff. We’re going to pick and choose– the Ultimate, Carolina Clash. We’re going to get him in the seat two or three times this year. Just try to have some fun,” said Sessoms who also hopes to do some other big races this year.

“We’re actually talking about taking this car up to Eldora and doing the Million. Just go have fun. Our chances of making that deal is probably slim to none, but you don’t ever know. All the stars line up, you might make it. You just never know. I’ve only been there one time and I made three laps and wasn’t really prepared for that whole deal, but I really want to go back and redeem myself a little bit,” said Sessoms. “Eldora is the place to be for the Dream and for the Million this year. I think that’s gonna be the all-time event. And I just feel everyone’s saving their vacation time and money and everyone’s going to just hit that one big event, you know. I think it’s going to be pretty cool.”

More Carolina-based Racers on Season Plans

Robert Poole, Statesville, NC Modified Driver, 2021 Track Champion at Friendship Speedway

RB: You won the track championship last year at Friendship and have run some Mid-East Modified races. Any certain plans for this season?

RP: Yes, I don’t know where I stand in points for that series. But I’ve actually hit all but one of those races. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss this coming weekend due to the little wreck I had this past weekend. I gotta get back into the shop and get a little work done on the car. It is a big commitment, let alone running for a track championship, but then when you get out and try and chase a tour for a championship that’s even more work. Because it’s a lot more driving and traveling. So I’m not going to necessarily run for either of those. The way Friendship’s schedule is worked out, they’re running every other week. My goal for this year is–after running so much last year–I was planning on taking it easy and running a few races at Friendship. And then I also still have my UMP motor, so I plan on hitting a couple big races as well and following some of the Mid-East races. But with the way things are going with gas prices and parts shortages and it’s so hard to get tires right now, I’ve kinda changed my plans. I’m really gonna probably stay close to the house and run at Friendship for most of the year, just so I can enjoy some of the other stuff outside of racing.

Brian Ledbetter, Stanley, N.C., Super Late Model Driver

RB: Any specific plans for this season with your super late model?

BL: We’re trying to make a few changes; trying every week when we go. We went to Boyd’s (Speedway) the other week and we got a little better in the main. It’s just dry slick racetracks kinda get me. Hopefully it’ll be a little tacky tonight and we’ll be all right, but if it dries off then we’ll have to search for something else.”

RB: Some people say they do better on dry slick and others, not so much.

BL: Yeah, I’ve always struggled on dry slick tracks. For some reason I guess I try to overcharge the corner or something I but dry slick kinda give me a little trouble but we’re trying to get it figured out with this car here. Been asking a few people and getting a little closer.

RB: And are you going to be running any Carolina Clash or Ultimate races?

BL: We’re going to run the Ultimate this year. We finished fourth in it last year. So right now as far as I know, we’re going to try to stick with it as long as fuel prices don’t get out of sight and then tires that would be the only other reason we wouldn’t go somewhere if we couldn’t find the tires. Right now it’s kind of hard to get ‘em, for us anyways.

John Henderson, Aiken, S.C.

RB: Anything to say about the start to your season? Last fall I talked with Randy Clary at the Dirt Track at Charlotte and he said you were doing something or had sold a car?

JH: So it’s kinda been a slow start for us this year, but we’ve got a new car and running the CVR stuff and trying to get this figured out and hopefully it gets better as we go. We got in a car last year, actually Cody’s car (Cody Overton) at Modoc for a couple of races at the end of the year with one of Randy’s motors in it and still got it in the trailer just haven’t been running it very much so far. Just trying to get this car figured out—get to the busy season lot of bigger races.

RB: Are you on a certain tour?

JH: We’re not. We’re just hit and miss. Just a lot of big money all over, low risk, trying to follow that throughout the year. We’re going to be doing a bit of traveling here during the summer. We’re going to try to go to some of the FloRacing deal, try and follow that and go from there. Be pretty busy just trying to keep up with that. We’re going to Eldora with Flo(racing) and then we’re going to go back in June for the Million and for the Dream.

RB: And any goals, like from where you’ve been?

JH: We had to take a couple years off after we had that wreck so just trying to get our feet back wet again and still got a lot to learn. We’re getting better every time out. So our goal is just to be where we can be competitive and run some top-fives and run consistently.