Story by Steve Zongker

As we wind up the 2016 racing season, and most journalists are posting their end of season articles, I’ve decided to create an “Open Letter To:” various series, drivers, owners, networks, and journalists in hopes that we can create an even better 2017 season.

To FOX Sports:

NASCAR & UFC are not the only sports in town. Please stop cutting out our WEC, Formula E, and other motorsports (especially in the later hours of the evening) to show us re-runs of UFC weigh-ins, and the latest NASCAR talking head show.


Thank you for expanding your motorsports coverage, and we thank you so much for the wisdom of your F1 team, but I don’t need to see advertising about NASCAR during F1 qualifying. Does NASCAR show F1 advertising during their broadcasts?

To CBS SportsNet:

Thank You for your expanding coverage of series like DTM, Blancpain, and other overseas series, but can we have them when they take place, and not tape delayed?


We appreciate all that you do for our favorite sport, but enough already with the BoP politics, the driver rankings, and the always uncertain viewing times (See FOX Sports above). Let’s also agree that your app isn’t any good, no matter how bad you want us to believe that.


The Chase sucks!


Thank You for showing the rest of the world how to run a motorsports organization. Please show NASCAR how you do it please. My only complaint is how sometimes your app stops working, but the IT nerd in me understands why.

To Stephane Ratel & SRO:

Please keep up the amazing work championing GT3 around the world. I really hope and pray to the racing gods that you will teach your magic to Pirelli World Challenge here in the US.

To Michael Shank Racing:

We cannot wait to see what you bring to the track in 2017. There is not a single person who isn’t waiting anxiously to see who you choose as your drivers.  There also is a side of all of us that can’t wait to see what livery you bring to Daytona 2017.

To Dion Von Moltke:

I and your legions of fans hope and pray that you don’t have to wait as long as you have to get your 2017 ride. There should be no reason why ANY team should overlook you.

To Ryan Dalziel:

We need as much #DoubleDazzle as possible. Even if just to see how many air miles you rack up in a year.


To Mark Webber:

Thank you Sir for your years of tireless devotion to the sport we love. You are a class act, both on and off the track. When you could have complained, you never did. When you didn’t have to be nice, you were. You have been an inspiration to everyone you have come across. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.