Story by Steve Zongker

Yes, I know it’s been quite a long time since this columnist has appeared. Some of that has been due to professional and personal issues, but here I am back with another opinion piece from the sofa.

I was reading an article on a popular sports car website (of which the unintentional comedy factor in the comments section is sky high), and it got me to thinking about the state of sports cars in the coming year(s).

For certainty, this list will be met with general dismissal as nonsense by most, but I put this list out solely for discussion in hopes that maybe the “powers that be” can have meaningful outcomes for not only teams, but fans, manufacturers, and marketing minds.

So here is my list of whys and why nots for the future of sports cars in the world.

WHY can’t we have a global Prototype regulation across the world?
• Wouldn’t it make sense for the manufacturers and the numerous series across the board? It would also give teams chances to go all over the world and run different prestigious events such as 24 Hours of Spa, 12 Hours of Sebring, Daytona, Bathurst, etc.

WHY NOT have a uniform standard of driver ratings?
• While you are at it, have a proper method for arbitrating rankings with a board of members that will listen to those arguments fairly, not just hashing it out via Twitter or other social media avenues.

WHY NOT have a cost cap system especially with privateer entries?
• Especially if you are going to run a legit Pro-Am team, costs are going to price those teams out of competing in series all over the world. Yes, it would involve getting manufacturers involved more, but if everyone agrees this has to happen, then MAYBE.

WHY can’t the manufactures put their R&D efforts into their Pro teams for one to two seasons?
• Acura and Lexus SHOULD have been made to be in the GTLM and/or GT-Pro categories. If Ford has been able to do it the last 3 seasons, then newly homologated cars/ platforms should be in a Pro environment before being released into customer hands. YES, I know this is not the way it really goes, but again, why can’t it?

WHY shouldn’t teams be able to choose their tire manufacturers?
• I get that most of this has to do with marketing monies, and naming rights, but we should be utilizing the best of what technology should offer, including rubber.

I keep hearing in these comment columns that folks wish they could “go back to the way it was back in (insert series here)” and that frustrates this columnist because the past is the past, and the future is the future.

Even my list of whys and why nots is rife with longing for a better time, but I am always willing to listen to what can and cannot make my love of sports cars better.

Yes, the technology is a moving target, and that target is hard to hit the majority of time, but if we need to come together and discuss ways to make it better. These discussions need to be had at ALL levels of the sport, not just within the “halls of power”.